In Regensburg are A1 + A2 dances on a regularly base offered.

The following dances will be held in 2019:

A1 + A2 Regensburg
 Date Programm  Caller
January 20, 2019 A2 Alex Wallerer
February 10, 2019 A1 Steffi Perzlmaier
February 24, 2019 A2 David Dvorak
March 17, 2019 A1 Tomas "Doug" Machalik
April 07, 2019 A2 David Dvorak
April 28, 2019 - different dance location - see flyer Plus / A1 Paul Bristow
May 19, 2019 A2 Tomas "Doug" Machalik
June 23, 2019 A2 David Dvorak
September 08, 2019 A2 Frank Meyers
September 29, 2019 A1 David Dvorak
October 20, 2019 A2 Alex Wallerer
November 10, 2019 A1 Steffi Perzlmaier
December 08, 2019 A2 David Dvorak
Time   10:00 - 14:30 Uhr
Location   Tanzschule Tanzbar, Osterhofener Strasse 14, 93055 Regensburg
Doorprize   7,- € pro Teilnehmer 
Flyer   Flyer 
Contact   Annette Holtschmit
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Other events - This events are not neccesarily hosted by the acr club.


Regularly Dances
A2 Schwaig A1 + A2 Regensburg area
A1 Erlangen  C1 Feldkirchen-Westerham


 Special dances
 Datum  Ort  Name der Veranstaltung  Kontakt


 !!! Please do not wear shoes which leave stripes on the floor !!!


Tanzplatz Sonstiges
August 20, 2019


 Sudetenstr. 3

 91077 Neunkirchen am Brand

August 27, 2019   No clubnight
September 03, 2019   We dance to tapes
September 17, 2019   *) We dance in a room upstairs


Regular dance
Weekday: Tuesday
Time: 7:00 - 9:30 p.m.
Dance location: Bürgertreff "ISAR12" (Google Maps)
Isarstraße 12
91052 Erlangen
Contact: Club hotline: +49 (0)1573 4950844
Caller Alex Wallerer
Changes: *) On the following dates we will be dancing in a room located on the upper floor of the same building. If the main entrance doors are locked then please ring the doorbell marked "Begegnungszentrum - Gruppenraum 1".

           See picture


Odd calendar weeks C1
Even calendar weeks C2
Please call before visiting. We are dark if less
than 8 dancers are signed up. 


Our caller offers A2 dances on a regularly base.

A2 Schwaig

September 21, 2019

November 23, 2019

General information
Time 1:00 - 6:00 p.m.

Zum großen Wirt, Hauptstraße 9
93333 Neustadt/Donau - Ortsteil Schwaig

Doorprice 6,- EURO per dancer


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Miscallaneous We use a rotation program

     Triangle Squares von Thomas Omerzu    
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